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I have worked as a reporter and editor for news departments at major Polish TV companies also cooperate with TV news departments outside Poland as a stringer or videojournalist. I have prepared over a dozen thousand news reports some of them from the farthest and least welcoming parts of the world.I specialize in international affairs and I keep up to date with current affairs in Poland as well. I work both in Poland and abroad. I readily undertake jobs in all, even the most distant, parts of the world.

-News cover: US Secretary of State, John Kerry visit Warsaw
News cover for Associated Press (APTN): Warsaw Uprising Anniversary 2016

News cover for Associated Press (APTN): Visegrad summit in Warsaw

News cover for Reuters: Orthodox Easter in Grabarka

News cover for Reuters: Snails harvest season in Poland

Femen protest in Warsaw

Far right radicals clash at the Independence Day

German Chancellor A. Merkel visits Warsaw

For Saudi TV news cover

Israeli PM B. Netanyahu visit Auschwitz death camp

News cover: Military exercises in Drawsko

News report: Tibet's tension just before Olympic Games in Beijing

News report: Election in Pakistan after assasination of B. Bhutto

News report: Traffic in Pakistan

News report: Search for Yeti in Nepal

News report: A day after parliamentary election in Georgia

News report: Pope's Benedict XVI visit to USA

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